Sureseal Pressure Bandage Caption Selection With Style Preview


    • Discrete
    • Expands to Apply Pressure
    • Saves on material and labor costs
    • More time for personalized patient care
    • Demonstrates commitment to improved patient care

Time Saving

    • Fast, positive-acting post-dialysis wound dressing allows patients to ambulate in less time than traditional tape-and-gauze bandages
    • SURESEAL can reduce nurse or technician direct pressure time by up to 44% over standard methods
    • Patients can leave your clinic sooner, comfortably


    • SURESEAL helps reduce chair-time, material costs, and staff hands-on monitoring
    • Expands to Apply Pressure
    • Helps improve staff and unit efficiency
    • Patients who have used SURESEAL prefer it over traditional tape-and-gauze dressings

About Us

Facet Technology Asia is the only Asia distributor of Sureseal pressure bandage, which has rights to retail and wholesale. With more than ten years of retail specialty medical products experience, our mission is to provide a broad range of specialty medical products for the renal business.